Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Week Without Blogging Equals Alot Of Baseball

Wow it has been a week since I last updated and I was suppose to be doing better. I guess I better try harder.

We have had a week full of baseball. Taylor played in a tournament last week-end where they played 7 games. They won some and lost some not to much to talk about there. He either pitched or played short stop for every game. Taylor has been pitching and playing 3rd base since he was 9 years old through out little league, travel ball, and middle school but now the high school coach has now decided that he will be the starting short stop. This is taking a little getting use to for Taylor but he is doing a great job. This picture is from the game they had last night.

Chandler played in the Jones County Invitational Tournament this week-end. We started out with the 8:00 game Friday night winning 23-3 in 5 innings. We drove the hour back home only to return for the 10:00 game Saturday morning. We started the day in the rain on a field that was in horrible condition but won in spite of it all by 10 runs in 5 innings.

That win allowed us a two hour break before our next game so we headed to Jocks and Jills for lunch.

You can see the boys were giving Dalton some advice on how to play baseball. For those of you that don't follow little league baseball our league Warner Robins Little League won the Little League World Series last year and Dalton hit the walk off home run. I don't think he needs any advice on how to play. Dalton is a great ball player and super sweet kid. So after lunch it was back to baseball where we set up camp and spent the next 10 hours.

Chandler played three more games and won each game by 10 runs in 5 innings. Then at

9:30 pm after 12 hours of baseball it was finally time for the championship games. There were 12 teams in the tournament but in the end in the championship game it was Warner Robins Red v/s Warner Robins Blue. ( I guess that says alot for our league when out of 12 teams our two
all-star teams are in the championship. ) Well you can just about guess the final score....... 10 runs after 5 innings 18-8. The boys were excited to win another tournament.

It is great to be part of a league when at the end of the game everyone can join together for a prayer and walk away friends.

Chandler after the tournament with his best friend Tanner.

So that sums up our week-end of baseball.
On Monday night we DID NOT have any games or practices so I did something crazy... I cooked yes an entire meal I almost forgot how it has been so long. While I was cooking Chandler came in from swimming and said "mom what are we having for supper?" when I told him he very innocently said " mom the last time you cooked I was doing homework" . School got out for the summer on May 30th so that tells you how long it has been. Baseball is finally winding down and I must admit I can't wait. I am ready for a little break. We are headed to the beach for a week on Saturday. I can not wait. We are going with about 6 other families who all have children also so it should be alot of fun. I will try and update again before we leave.
Talk to you soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day !!

O.K. I am trying really hard to figure out this blogging. I can not seem to get my page set up the way I want it. So for now it will just have to stay the way it is.

We spent our Father's Day where we spend the majority of our time this time of year, at the baseball field. Chandler was selected for the all-star team and they played in their first tournament this week-end. They had three games on Saturday and two on Sunday.

At 2:00 on Sunday the team was in their huddle and ready to play in semi-championship game despite the 92 degree heat. Chandler was the number 4 batter throughout the tournament and started off Sunday with a line drive to the outfield that resulted in a triple. After that it was time for a much deserved Powerade break.

Before the game when explaining to Chandler that they had to win against the Valdosta Batmen to play in the Championship he informed me that " we are going to fly them back down to their home town without a trophy" . Well I guess he was right we won in 5 innings 15-4. The day was complete when Warner Robins beat Macon in 5 innings by the score of 12-2. According to our official score keeper. You know you spend a lot of time at the ball field when your 9 year old is capable of keeping the official book.

After a busy week-end of baseball we ended the night with dinner at my parents house to celebrate Father's Day.

After eating dinner I looked around to realize this was an exhausting weekend for everyone. Chandler's five games had tired him out but didn't keep him from holding on to that glove. I just love this picture. Taylor also had 5 games of high school baseball this weekend which obviously left him needing a little nap.

I will post again tomorrow and hopefully try and figure out how to arrange pictures on this blog.

Have a great day!