Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Back Grab A Drink It's Gonna Be Loooong

I can not believe it has been a month since my last post. Once I finish this post you will
have a little insight on why it has been so long. Things have been nonstop here for 6 weeks.
Let me start with what I call the Birthday Month. Happy Birthday to the following people in my family:

1st- Uncle Lawrence 30 Again
8th- Niece Brooke 5 Years Old
9th- Autumn 10 Years Old
11th- Hubby Jason 37
14th-Niece Rylee 8 Years Old
15th - Taylor Golden Birthday 15 on the 15th
18th- Father-In-Law Stuart 30 Again
19th- My Mom (Gucky as my kids call her) Another 30 Again we have alot of those this year!!

We started the Birthday Month with a Dress Up Party at Sweet and Sassy for my niece Brooke
(my sisters daughter).Everyone had their hair and nails done and then pictures made.

Next it was Autumn's turn. She chose to have a Slumber Party. Apparently the day I agreed to this I was not in my right mind. We had 19 yes you read it correctly 19 girls 17 of which spent the night and 3 of those who NEVER went to sleep. Let me just say that by 5:30 a.m. I had promised that I would NEVER do this again. We started the night with a scavenger hunt. Each team was given a list of 15 items which they had to try and collect from our neighbors. Next was the pinata.

After the pinata came time for painting t-shirts. I do not recommend this unless you enjoy your furniture and hardwood floors going from their original condition to the new and improved
tie-dye look.

The night would not be complete without a midnight swim and cake.

I did not remember to take a group picture until the girls had gone swimming and put their P.J.'s on. So, it is not their best look.

Autumn's party complete. Now on to the next one.

Taylor turned 15 this year so he just had a "few" friends over for a cook-out. Even though
there were three times the number of kids as Autumn's party is was 10 times easier. I could not get everyone in one location at the same time for a picture. This one is the best I could do. Sorry to those of you that were not in the picture I did my best.

Between all of the parties we have still had football games, softball tournaments, and homework, homework, homework. I should be really smart by the end of this year.

By the look of Autumn's hair in this picture she has had enough homework!!!

Homework is always more fun when your best friend is doing it with you.

Taylor is playing quarterback for his high school team #11.

Chandler is also playing quarterback for his team. For those of you that know him don't ask me how that happened. He is the tallest and biggest kid on the team yet he is playing quarterback. I am not a football expert but I think he may need to play another position. Especially since his team is 0-3.

Taylor went to Homecoming last week. He had a great time. I remember the days of high school homecoming. We use to have so much fun. Watching Taylor and all of his friends brought back so many memories from high school.

Last but not least I should inform everyone that I now have a personal Chauffeur. His name is Taylor Ring. Yes, Taylor received his learners licences last week and has been chauffeuring me around since . I can not believe I have not taken a picture of him driving. Maybe because when he is driving I am holding on for dear life. I understand why they call it a learners license.
As you can see things have been very busy around the Ring Household. I am going to try and do better at updating.
Tomorrow we have one last birthday party. We have one large party for the entire family for all of the September birthdays. I need to get to bed so I can get up early and start cooking. I will update you tomorrow night on the FINAL party.
Take Care,