Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Autumn and Chandler posing for pictures before trick or treating. They both decided this year they did not want to dress up. Normally I would be sad, but things have been so busy lately I did not argue with them. Autumn wore one of Taylor's friends cheerleading uniform from middle school and Chandler wore his beloved Steelers jersey.

Autumn was going to invite ONE friend to go trick or treating with us but by the time we were ready to leave she had 4. Of course they all HAD to sleepover. They had so much fun. I am always glad to have their friends at our house. We did our usual hayride for them. I think that will be the last year we do it. They never really rode in it, they were to busy running from house to house.

Taylor and his friends terrorized the neighborhood for a few hours before returning to our house to all sleepover.

Chandler had his end of season football party on Saturday.

I just love this sweet little face.

This is Taylor #3 at the Varsity game against Lowndes County. He is a freshman quarterback playing varsity with 2 senior quarterbacks. He has been doing alot of standing on the sidelines which he is not use to. Tonight they will play their final game of the season against Valdosta. USA Today had an article in yesterdays paper ranking our high school conference #1 in the nation. I thought that was very exciting to know how much football talent there is here. I am so proud of the team and their hard work.

GOOOOOOOO Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!