Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love Hate Relationship

Somehow :) I have managed to gain 30 pounds since graduating from high school in 1991. I kept waiting to wake up skinny one day but it hasn't happened.

About 3 months ago I finally decided to do something about the 30 extra pounds that are making me feel miserable. Most people would choose a nice daily walk , jog or even a trip to the gym. No, not me, I decide to sign up for kickboxing/hotboxing classes. I convinced my friend Susan to go with me and she may never forgive me.

In October Susan and I started attending class 3-4 times a week. I love several things about the class. The fact that it is a group setting and Susan and I hold each other accountable for going. It is great exercise and very intense. The lights are off and the music is loud. This keeps everyone from seeing the anguish on my face and hearing my gasps for air. Last but not least when I have a bad day, I can get all my frustration out while kicking and punching the bag. And even better, everyone is cheering for me the harder I punch and kick.

There are however; a few dislikes with the class. The first would be the panic you feel when you have to use the restroom. Just knowing you have to lower your entire body to sit on the toilet can bring on a panic attack. When you are so sore you can't walk, how can you possibly sit on the toilet. LOL Secondly, the 2 "Hooter Girls" (yes they really work there) that decide to attend class about once or twice a month and ALWAYS stand directly in front of Susan and I. We decided next time they come we should offer to buy them a new pair of shorts. Then they will not have to continue wearing their 5 year old sisters shorts. If they refuse our offer, we will kindly suggest they please wear undergarments and I don't mean a bra. :)

That about sums up the love hate relationship I have with kickboxing/hotboxing. To anyone who may be looking for a new workout routine, I highly recommend you try hotboxing. I have lost about 10 pounds without altering my eating habits. Susan has lost about 20 pounds with hotboxing and counting calories. Since January 1st, I too have been calorie counting and hope to see better results in the next three months.

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RADstitches said...

Thanks for the laugh! I mean.. come on at least you can actually kinda laugh about it until you gotta go potty! LOL And OMG... I would BRING them a pair of panties and give them to them.. GA-ross!!! I have done Weight Watchers and lost about 20 lbs.. now I am back at it to make sure that I maintain.. it is SO much esier to try to keep off than to do it all over again! Good luck! I can't wait to hear your progress!