Monday, December 22, 2008

30 Day Re-Cap and Picture Overload

Is it really December 22nd?!?! We just had Halloween. We have been busy as usual. I have got to get better at updating my blog. At least I am not still at the beach right Mo. LOL

We finally finished travel softball for the season. It has been nice not to have that activity.
Taylor has been on restriction since November 18th so he has had to go everywhere we go including every tournament. Can you tell by this picture how much fun he is having.

We went to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We had a good trip with the exception of Autumn getting the stomach virus on Thanksgiving morning. She and I ended up staying home all day while Jason and the boys went to his Aunts house. One of my best friends from high school was also home for the holidays so I was able to spend alot of time with her and her family. We even did our traditional Black Friday shopping at 3:00am.

Jason and the boys stayed at deer camp for 3 days. By the looks of the pictures they had fun.

Friendly poker game....

Taylor helping cook. Miracles do still happen.

Jason, Taylor, Jeremy (Jason's brother), Chandler, and Bert as the kids call him (Jason's dad)

Ahhh... aren't they sweet

Jason and Chandler in front of their deer blind. To bad they did not see any deer this year. Maybe next year.

We are now into basketball season. Taylor started out playing with the freshman but they have now moved him to J.V. also. That is keeping us very busy with him playing on two teams. Autumn and Chandler have also started their season. I am coaching Autumn's team again this year. Out of 9 girls there are 5 on the team who have never played before. That should make for an interesting year. For the first time Jason is not coaching Chandler's team. We have so much going on he thought it best to take this year off. Chandler seems to be doing well and really likes his coach.

Autumn and Chandler had their Christmas parties at school on Friday. They had alot of fun and are excited to be out of school for Christmas break.

Friday night we went to Stone Mountain with my sister and parents. We have never been to the Christmas Celebration at Stone Mountain before but it was alot of fun. Chandler had to take a picture of Jason and I with this enormous Santa Claus.

Isn't he cute with his pigtailed Santa hat?! I had to quickly sneak it on him in one of the stores. I don't think he found it very funny.

They had a tent set up for the kids to decorate Christmas cookies. Brooke my niece is in the middle. That little girl loves to put on a show. Can you tell by the pictures below?

Well, sorry it has been so long. I will try and do better updating. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.


Mindy said... great to see a post!!! Your family is cute as ever. I love the pics of your teenage son...classic!!!

What a fun Thanksgiving (sorry Autumn was sick though).

Hope you guys are doing well.

Merry Christmas...can't wait to see pictures from that!!!

RADstitches said...

So glad that you are posting!!! Love all the pictures! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!